That pinterest board you’ve been saving since high school...

Yeah, we’re going to make it come to life.

We know we weren’t the only ones saving ideas prior to him getting on one knee.

You’ve said yes, so now what? Everyone around you has a congrats and a question about some detail you haven’t even thought of yet. “Where are you getting married?” “Is his mom going to let you pick anything out?” With each person that says they’re excited for you, they also increase your anxiety about 10 fold.

We remember, and it wasn’t that long ago. Now, we have a team of vendors, photographers, caterers, and djs ready to execute a killer party or an elegant evening. All within your timeline and budget.

Ready to stop stressing about the details and tell Aunt Karen “It’s handled”?

we’re on a mission

  • To see our brides in almost every picture.
  • To make sure they have time to dance to with their Daddy. (And have a say in the song.)
  • To stop arguments between the bride and mother-in-law.
  • To make weddings more fun than stressful.
  • To make sure the groom actually gets a say and is heard.

To celebrate LOVE and make sure you’re present to enjoy every moment.

meet the team

lindsey team member image

Lindsey Shockley


After I got married I looked back on the day and genuinely had fun, but man was it stressful to get to that day.

From arguments with my own mom, to fights with my fiance over stuff his groomsmen wanted to do. The whole thing would have been better in fast forward mode. Can we just say “I do?”

I never want a bride to feel that way, to feel like it would be better to just skip through all the details. The details can be so much fun, with a team to support you both!

So I founded White Rose Weddings, and now I get to make couples’ dreams come true for a living!

team member image



Hi, I’m Sara. And I’m the super logistical and organized one on the team that makes sure all the i’s are dotted and t’s crossed so your day goes as perfectly as possible.

I planned my wedding by myself, and while it was a wonderful day I wish I could have slowed down and savored it more.

When I met Lindsey I realized I could use my strengths to help others be able to be a bit more relaxed and in the moment on their big days.

team member image



Hi, I’m Taylor. I joined White Rose Weddings not long after Lindsey helped me plan (and pull off) the wedding I’d spent so much time on Pinterest dreaming about.

The amount of stress Lindsey took off my shoulders made me want to do the same for my fellow brides while putting my creative side to work.

I look forward to helping your bring your creative vision to life. From florals to color palettes, I’m your girl!

let’s talk about your dreams.

and how they can come true

Let’s grab coffee, in person or virtually, and talk through your big dreams, your budget and that Pinterest board you’ve been saving, and start planning the wedding of your dreams.

“Charlie and I could never thank Lindsey and her team enough for our special reception. They made every idea come to life in a way I could have never done on my own!”